just 2 people

Just 2 People – An Inspired Poem

Just 2 peopleIn separate worlds,Jack & Rose,Nature’s curse unfoldsTom & Summer,Woe’s distant heartsSebastian & Mia,Love’s shatter startsIce cream’s sweet, Cakes so richHydrangeas bloom, Eustomas pitchedEagles soar, while Bears stand tall.The two of us, a destined fall.North and South, in endless divideDaylight fades, while Night’s shadows rideRaindrops weep, during Sunbeam’s warmOur hearts held captive, in a…

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preserved flowers in jar

Exploring the Timeless Beauty: How Long Can Preserved Flowers Last?

Introduction In the heart of every flower enthusiast lies an unspoken desire to capture nature’s fleeting beauty and hold it for eternity. Preserved flowers, with their delicate charm and vibrant hues, offer a fascinating solution to this longing. These botanical marvels have gained significant appreciation all over the world, and it’s not surprising to see…

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